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Project News and Updates

While all the components of this project started at various times, the actual Soliloquy Project began production in 2009. The story line was in place by early 2010 with the songs that follow the story line by 2011. Next came the musical backgrounds for the narration which are in the final stages. Later 2011 was devoted to putting the online promotional infrastructure together. Keep your eye here for more updates as we project some time in the 21st Century for completion and release of what we're calling a "Musical Novel", "Soliloquy".
As this year progresses, look for "Sneek Previews" here at SOLILOQUY1.com and WebHitSongs.com. We've already introduced a bit a the story and we'll "leak" out some more stuff over the following months to whet your appetite for what we believe every listener will think is "The Internet Musical Experience" of the decade. Plus, many surprises along the way.


Stay Tuned ...
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